300HP Cruze

What's it take to make a 300+hp cruze?

Cameron from AZ found out

Why a Cruze?

I got the Cruze when I was 16 years old as my first car, I didn't really have much of a choice and kind of got stuck with it. Around 2019 one of my friends told me about a company that could tune it and make a bunch more power without even opening the hood, so I called up BNR and the rest is history.

Mod history?

In 2019 I got the tune, then near the end of 2019 I grabbed a Mambatek wastegate actuator and a catch can from ebay. That's all I had until early 2021 when I swapped to a BNR Wastegate Actuator and a K&N Intake. In mid 2022 I added a BNR Intake Manifold Spacer, Throttle Body Spacer, Downpipe, and a TurboBay larger turbo. The car made 278WHP/276WTQ with the TurboBay turbo but I wanted more. In late 2023 into 2024 I grabbed a BNR Flex Fuel Kit, BNR TD025X Big Turbo, and a tune update for E85. I went back to the same dyno and made 291WHP/300WTQ (335HP/345TQ at the flywheel). 

What's Next?

Got stuck with the Cruze but ended up making the best of it and now I have one of the coolest/fastest ones around. BNR has always taken care of me and helped when needed. He’s the best Cruze tuner out there. None of the parts have ever fallen apart on me.  Next I want to be the first 400whp Cruze that runs 12s in the 1/4. Planned next mods are a ported head with upgraded valve springs from BNR. 

Favorite Mods?

Favorite mod for starting out would be a tune hands down but then the BNR Wastegate Actuator and BNR TD025X were the mods that made the most impact after that. 

Kill List?

A scat pack Charger and big turbo Genesis were racing in front of me and I took off after them and I was pulling on them before they lifted    I was neck and neck with my G8 GT at 278whp so I'm confident I would beat it now being at 291whp and having the power come in sooner and stay longer. It's crazy how much bigger the power curve is on the TD025X over the other big turbos I tried. Not only does it make more power at the top of the power curve but it also makes over 40HP more than competitor turbos in some areas of the powerband. 

Follow Cameron on IG @silentcameronn and check out the BNR parts on this build below!

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