Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Gauge
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Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Gauge
Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Gauge

Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Gauge

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BNR EXCLUSIVE- custom gauge faces available with the "Cruze" and "Sonic" logos. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of gauges. We keep the most popular styles in stock and ship them immediately, other styles may take a week or two to ship out. Feel free to contact us before ordering if you'd like to check stock.

The Interceptor gauge is 52mm (2 1/16") in diameter and will fit in all standard gauge pods of this size. A 5' cable is included with appropriate OBD2 connector. A splitter cable is included with the dual Interceptor units. Gauges come with a black bezel with polished silver center ring with a black face as shown on right. An extra white face is also included and can easily be swapped since the bezel screws on/off.

A function menu is available by pushing both buttons simultaneously. One menu option allows you to enter a record mode. Once selected, the Interceptor will return to normal scan mode, but will start recording the displayed data automatically when the throttle exceeds 60%. Approximately 60 seconds of data will be stored. Returning to the menu screen, you can choose to replay the stored data on the Interceptor display. 

The gauge displays 2 parameters at a time, but can be programmed to cycle through up to 8 parameters during a user determined period of time. This way you can monitor several items without taking any other actions. 

Has high intensity warning lights that can be set using a 1 or 2 parameter algorithm. P1, P1 or P2, P1 and P2. For example, trigger the lights when rpm exceeds 6000 rpm, or when trans temp exceeds 230 F and coolant exceeds 210 F, or when air fuel ratio is above 12.5 and throttle is above 75%. Due to the gauges extremely fast update rate, this light is very accurate and easy to set. Once you try it you'll find you can't live without it! 

Another menu option offers the ability to swap the foreground and background colors of the display. Using this feature, for example, the gauge with a black background and blue characters (negative image) becomes a blue background with black characters (positive image). Not only can this be visually appealing but beneficial in changing lighting conditions. Positive images are easier to read in bright sunlight, negative at night. 

DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) can be accessed and cleared via menu options.This essential feature will help the gauge to pay for itself the first time the check engine light comes on. Those that have modified their vehicle will find this very handy when a sensor, vacuum line, etc. has been inadvertently left disconnected, or something was just not put back together properly. 

The two analog inputs can be configured through menu choices. A linear conversion can be entered so that an analog signal connected to the gauge can be read in appropriate units. These inputs are handy for pressure signals such as those from MAP and oil pressure sensors, analog outputs from Air/Fuel ratio kits, etc. These signal can then be read and recorded along side the other parameters obtained on the vehicle's bus. 

The gauge has bi-directional controls allowing for manual control of the low and high speed fans, CASE relearn and ECU reset on GM vehicles, and on most Chrysler vehicles the transmission controller can be reset and Electronic Stability Program can also be completely turned off to improve track performance. 

New optional relay output module allows you to control a 12v relay based on values of OBD2 or analog input data. 

Last but not least, the Interceptor will measure 0-60 times, as well as 1/8 and 1/4 mile time and speeds. This is accomplished through a simple menu selection.

Parameters available on GM CAN vehicles (2008+ GM) include-
1. INTAKE AIR- Intake Air Temperature 
2. COOLANT TEMP- Engine Coolant Temperature 
3. TRANS TEMP 1- Transmission Temperature for automatic vehicles 
4. RPM- engine Revolutions Per Minute 
5. MAF SENSOR LB/M- Mass Air Flow (lbs/min) 
6. MAF FREQUENCY- raw Mass Air Flow sensor output (frequency) 
7. DI FUEL PRESSURE – Direct injection fuel pressure (vehicle must have direct injection) 
8. MAP SENSOR- Manifold Air Pressure (kPa) 
9. BOOST – Intake vacuum/boost displayed in inHg/PSI. Corrected by altitude entry or barometer 
10. THROTTLE POS. PCT- Throttle Position percentage - actual 
11. ABSOLUTE THROTTLE POSITION – will read throttle position from 0-100% 
12. MILES PER HOUR- Miles Per Hour 
13. KNOCK RETARD- Knock Retard (degrees) for most GM vehicles 
14. IGNITION ADVANCE- ignition timing advance 
15. PULSE WIDTH- injector #1 pulse width 
16. SHORT TRIM B1-short term fuel trim bank#1 
17. SHORT TRIM B2-short term fuel trim bank#2 
18. LONG TRIM B1-long term fuel trim bank#1 
19. LONG TRIM B2-long term fuel trim bank#2 
20. O2 SENSOR B1S1-O2 bank 1 sensor1 in millivolts 
21. O2 SENSOR B2S1-O2 bank 2 sensor1 in millivolts 
22. O2 SENSOR B1S2-O2 bank 1 sensor 2 in millivolts 
23. O2 SENSOR B2S2-O2 bank 2 sensor 2 in millivolts 
24. RUN TIME MINS- engine run time is tenths of seconds since last engine start 
25. BATTERY VOLTAGE- Alternator/battery output voltage 
26. CURRENT GEAR- The current gear of an automatic transmission. 
27. PULSE WIDTH B1-injector Pulse Width for bank 1 (8 cylinder engines) 
28. PULSE WIDTH B2-injector Pulse Width for bank 2 (8 cylinder engines) 
30. ENGINE LOAD- calculated Engine Load (0-100%) 
31. ENGINE OIL PRESSURE (not supported by all vehicles) 
32. ENGINE OIL TEMPERATURE – Engine oil temp.
33. INTAKE AIR 2 – Intake Air Temp. downstream of intercooler (some supercharged applications such 
as the Cobalt SS, Solstice GTP, Saturn Sky). 
34. TOTAL MISFIRES- Total misfires of all cylinders. Resets every minute 
35. Miles Per Gallon 1- instantaneous fuel economy for gas vehicles 
36. BAROMETRIC PRESSURE- Displays atmospheric pressure. All vehicles may not support this. 
37. HP - Calculated net horsepower 
38. TRQ RDCT RTRD – Spark retard due to torque management ( automatics trans) 
39. DELIVERED TORQUE – Calculated torque delivered from engine to transmission (automatic trans) 
40. TRQ TRAC CNTL - Desired torque from traction control system (auto trans) 
41. TC SLP SPD RPM – Torque converter slip (RPM) (auto trans) 
42. TRANS IN RPM – RPM of input shaft to transmission (auto trans) 
43. TRANS OUT RPM – RPM of transmission output shaft (auto trans) 
44. NON DRV SPEED – Speed of non-driven wheel (mph) 
45. TCC STATUS – Indicates “UL” or “L” (unlocked /locked) depending on the state of the Torque 
Converter Clutch 
46. FUEL STATUS – Displays “Open” or “Closed” to indicate open or closed loop fueling. 
47. FUEL LEVEL – Gallons of fuel remaining in tank. 
48. Cat Temp1 – Calculated catalytic converter #1 temperature (calc’ed by the car’s PCM) 
49. Cat Temp2 – Calculated catalytic converter #2 temperature (calc’ed by the car’s PCM) 
48. Analog 1 – analog input #1. 
49. Analog 2 – analog input #2 
50. COMMANDED A/F – Commanded air/fuel ratio by PCM. 
51. COMMANDED LAMBDA – Commanded Lambda (a different way of measuring A/F ratio. Lambda 
= 14.7/actual A/F ratio. Therefore a value greater than 1 is “rich”, less is “lean”. 
52. LAMBDA – Actual Lambda (only available on vehicles with factory wideband sensor) 
53. A/F RATIO – Actual A/F ratio (only available on vehicles with factory wideband sensor) 
54. SENSOR CURRENT – Current draw of wideband O2 sensor (only available on vehicles with factory 
wideband sensor) 
Bi-directional controls: 
4. Fan 1-3 control 
5. PCM (fuel trim) reset 
6. CASE (Crank Angle Sensor Error) Re- Learn
5 Stars
Flippin' Awesome!
Words cannot describe how cool this is. My only regret is not getting the dual setup! Install was easy and worked right away. Would buy again :)
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Reviewed by:  from Colorado Springs. on 5/5/2014
5 Stars
Nifty multi purpose item
Just got this installed before the big winter storm buried my car in 2 feet. I love it. Adjustable scan time is a nice feature. Love the annuciator lights that I have setup for knock retard.
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Reviewed by:  from MONROEVILLE. on 3/27/2021

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