Ashton Swindel's Gen 2 Cruze

“You drive a Cruze bro”. I have (like many others) have heard people say this time and time again, yet my response is always the same “wanna line em up”. 

While from first glance it doesn’t seem to have any bark many will quickly realize that is not the case. Originally I was trying to just add a little power to my daily ride but, that all quickly changed after my I got my BNR tune. I realized this car had potential. And through countless hours of work modding the car and slowly working out the kinks I have today. At first I was going for the sleeper build but I realized quickly that I wanted to show everyone in my local car community that “Ole Blue” had the bite too. Where I live we have a very diverse car culture so there’s never a dull Saturday night. I’ve raced them all from focus ST’s and RS’s to the roaring big block chevys that we all love so dearly. I’m not here to tell you that I won them all (even though I won a lot) but even in the stand offs that I came up short in everyone always is caught off guard that I was able to keep up with them. I am here to tell you that just because we drive cruzes doesn’t mean we can’t be as fast as the rest of them.  

My mod list is as follows. 

  • BNR tune 
  • AEM Intake 
  • Ported/polished throttle body 
  • Mishimoto Intercooler/charge pipe kit 
  • BNR throttle body Spacer 
  • BNR intake spacer 
  • BNR TD025R Turbocharger 
  • BNR wastegate actuator  
  • Catless downpipe 
  • Magnaflow 2.5in exhaust  
  • AEM water methanol kit 

While my Cruze has come a long way I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. I plan on getting some nice rims and coil overs soon as well as keeping up to date on any new mods released. “Ole Blue” has come a long way but none of the amazing progress would have been remotely possible if it wasn’t for the amazing team at BNR. Thank you once again to bring life into such an underrated community.

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