BNR Tune 2011+ Buick Regal 2.0L Turbo (incl. GS)
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BNR Tune 2011+ Buick Regal 2.0L Turbo (incl. GS)
BNR Tune 2011+ Buick Regal 2.0L Turbo (incl. GS)

BNR Tune 2011+ Buick Regal 2.0L Turbo (incl. GS)

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A BNR linked EFILive Autocal OR HPTuners is REQUIRED with our tuning. 

If you already have a BNR linked Autocal, there is a $125 software licensing fee.  The handheld can hold up to 5 tunes at once and swap tunes in under 30 seconds, no laptop needed! You also get full access to EFILive's logging software to view your own data logs using line graphs, tables, and even digital gauges to play back your log.

In compliance with the EPA and the Clean Air Act, BNR does not disable any emissions related monitors or DTCs

If you already have a BNR linked HPTuners RTD there is a $100 cost for credits (licensing) to allow it to work with your vehicle. This option also requires a windows laptop, however the logging interface is much more robust for the end user. 

*You will need a Windows computer to download the tuning software and to send/recieve files to load to the handheld. Software is NOT compatible with Apple operating systems or tablets running Windows RT.

Power up your Regal turbo with a BNR Tune! With the touch of a button and no physical parts add up to 130WHP and 130WTQ to your Regal under the curve. LHU equipped NON-GS gains of 130WHP 130WTQ, GS gains will be less as you start with a more powerful factory calibration, but peak power will be the same (up to 300WHP 335WTQ). LTG equipped vehicles will make similar peak power.

BNR Regal Turbo Tunes Include:
  • Specific power increases of up to 130WHP 130WTQ
  • Improved fuel economy (typically 2-5mpg increase)
  • 100% custom tuning, never canned. BNR tunes are always specific to your vehicle
  • Unlimited customization and retuning for future bolt-on modifications
  • E85/Race Fuel Calibrations included if desired
  • Remote Dyno tuning if requested
  • All OEM Emissions and protection functionality retained
  • Completely Emissions compliant for readiness testing
  • Premium fuel recommended

5 Stars
2014 Regal GS Tune Review
The tune has maintained 100% stock driveability. Under low speed, low throttle driving such as stop and go traffic commutes you would never know the wickedness that is hidden beneath. There is none of the overly agressive throttle tip in or inconsistent power surges I've experienced on other tunes. When you need to drive it normal it does exactly that. No fuss. Jerry with BNR does an excellent job of taking the feedback he is given and making fast and accurate adjustments to the tune. Very impressed and appreciate his attention he gave to the product.The end result showed. The increase in power is excellent. There is a LOT more torque on tap when you lean into the pedal. And when you do lean into the gas the power build is very linear and predictable. You want more power? Just give it more gas. And when you really want to go, it GOES!!!! Brake torque it from a stop and it leaps off the line like it was just punt kicked in the ass by a Mack truck. You'll hear the tires chirp a bit as they fight for traction and it LAUNCHES (My car is AWD). I've always liked this GS. Now I love it.
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Reviewed by:  from Georgia. on 11/5/2015
5 Stars
Excellent bump in power
BNR reports 300hp/340tq was managed from his tune. You wouldn't know it doing day to day things, but as soon as you lean into the pedal everything changes - for the better. Power is even, predictable, and plenty. The car had good performance before, now it's "look down and see you're going waaay too fast" quick. I have the Auto transmission (opted not to program it although it was offered) and started toying with launching from 2nd gear with the shiftronic last night. The power is so immediate at mid throttle the tires easily spin in first. I've never been to a track but I'm going next Spring when they open to get some times. I'll practice a bit until then. I'm thinking easily high 5s 0-60, low 14s 1/4 mile. For me the benefit was passing and merging power, I soar past traffic at will. 40-70MPH seems to only take a couple seconds. Otherwise this is my daily driver so most of the time its abilities are tempered by traffic or cruise control for longer stretches. It's just nice to know the power is there, and that its running at its very best. MPGs may have increased a bit, as I've had some fun with the car and averages haven't changed. Haven't done any paper calculations but my computer estimates were real close anyway.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 12/12/2015
5 Stars
After initially buying this I was having a bit of buyers remorse while waiting on my tune files adding 30 HP and 30 ft/lbs of torque to my '15 LTG didn't sound like much. I've tried bolt-on upgrades in the past on previous cars - CAIs and exhausts and was always disappointed with the results. This is my first non-NA car and I was mostly satisfied with the power and acceleration pre-tune but I always felt like it was lacking. Post tune this car is now amazing - my first time merging onto the highway I decided to give it some gas and I about crapped myself since I was leisurely holding the steering wheel at the time. The car now effortlessly zips thru traffic - I now love my 30 mile commute and always look forward to any excuse to drive anywhere. The best part of this is I really haven't noticed any hit on MPGs. I'm now debating on adding the high flow cat.
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Reviewed by:  from Cleveland Ohio. on 4/7/2019
5 Stars
Awesome Tune
Awesome tune. No complaints at all. My current mods are: K&N CAI, ZZP catted Downpipe, Forge K04 BPV and throttle body/intake manifold phenolic spacers. Jerry informed me that I'm sitting at 300hp and 330tq. Very satisfied and the customer service was awesome.
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Reviewed by:  from South Carolina . on 6/23/2016
5 Stars
First time tuner
I considered this tune after joining a Regal facebook group. It wasn't until I rented a Audi A4 2.0 T I thought I could get similar performance for my Regal with this tune so I pulled the trigger. Everything everyone was saying in the Facebook group about the BNR tune is true. It's truly amazing the power/performance this tune releases in my Regal at the same time, finding a increase in gas mileage. Don't hesitate getting this tune. The whole process was easy and the support is unmatched. You won't be disappointed. Happy Customer
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Reviewed by:  from Cleveland Ohio. on 8/15/2018

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