BNR Tune 2013+ Chevrolet Malibu 2.0T
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BNR Tune 2013+ Chevrolet Malibu 2.0T

BNR Tune 2013+ Chevrolet Malibu 2.0T

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Power up your Malibu turbo with a BNR Tune! With the touch of a button and no physical parts add 40-50WHP and 60-80WTQ to your Malibu under the curve.

BNR Malibu Turbo Tunes Include:
  • Specific power increases of up to 60WHP 80WTQ
  • Improved fuel economy (typically 2-5mpg increase)
  • 100% custom tuning, never canned. BNR tunes are always specific to your vehicle
  • Unlimited customization and retuning for future bolt-on modifications
  • E85/Race Fuel Calibrations included if desired
  • Remote Dyno tuning if requested
  • All OEM Emissions and protection functionality retained
  • Completely Emissions compliant for readiness testing
  • BNR Handheld for reprogramming vehicle controllers, with ability to return to stock at any time
  • Premium fuel recommended
*You will need a Windows computer to download the tuning software and to send/recieve files to load to the handheld. Software is NOT compatible with Apple operating systems or tablets running Windows RT.
5 Stars
Holy crap! I don't write many reviews but this tune is simply incredible. Jerry is the freaking man when it comes to tuning a LTG. I have a 9th generation Malibu, 8 speed, LTG. The car stock made 250hp and 240ish tq (flywheel numbers). I got with Jerry to really wake this car up and boy did he. On a 93 tune, we made 320hp and 300tq! (again, flywheel numbers). The crazy thing, HE WASN'T DONE! I have an abundance of E-85 here where I live. He tuned me for E-47 (half a tank of E-85 & half a tank of 93). We then made 355hp! I can't wait till it cools off soon then take it to the Dyno to see what makes at the wheels. EFILive & AutoCal are super easy to use, and Jerry is super humble, down to earth, and willing to help you in anyway possible, even if it's 3am. No other tune out there for the LTG will even come close to what Jerry has made. Jerry will be my tuner for life!
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Reviewed by:  from North Carolina. on 8/24/2018
5 Stars
Back To Nagasaki He Went!
STORYTIME! Those of you who are either LNF or LTG tuned by Jerry, you know that the tunes are no freaking joke. Personally, I am the owner of a very rowdy E50 BNR tuned 9th gen Malibu, absolute tire shredder and sleeper. So tonight, my wife and I are sitting down and we were like, man, Wendy's chicken nuggets sound amazing right now, but that's like 10 miles away, so why do you (Me, Austin), go to Burger King and get some nuggets! I was like, ok, cool. Upon leaving the subdivision, I see this 2019 Civic Type R with underglow on it, and a “K-tuned” sticker on it. I wave at him and mind my business. 90% of the time, I don’t race or mess with people, but tonight, I wanted to have some fun. He sees I have an “SS” badge on the back of my car and a 1320video sticker (massive fan of their channel) and my back glass, so he tries to mess with me. In town limits, only so much you can do. So… I lead (we will call him John) to Mexico. I get on the entrance to this amazing country and let her eat, and he doesn’t do much, so I was like well, fine then, be a stick in the mud. Until. 7 minutes later, I see these bright blue HIDs coming up in my rearview. It was John! John has his girlfriend with him. Johns's girlfriend is BIG cocky. John gets to my rear lights (him doing 110+) me doing 85ish and I give the bald eagles permission to blow him back to Nagasaki, with a vote for trump sticker on the back of his car. When they were catching up the first time, (before the first trip back to Japan), she goes out of her way to wave at me like, seeee yahhhh, but when they heard the bald eagles screech, and I blow them back to Nagasaki, I politely waved back (mama raised a gentlemen). She didn't like that. We did 4 more pulls, each time they got slapped with the full gapplebees menu. The best part, I still had the car seat and stroller in the car for my son from the day before. We make it back to traffic in the city of Mexico, he is yelling at me. I was like, man, he got free supper and a free trip and he’s still mad. I roll my window down and he’s screaming, WHAT THE HELL IS IN THAT THING!??!!?!?, and I replied, BALD EAGLES!!!! And took off. Moral of the story, If you are considering a BNR tune, DO NOT BE A PUSSY, and in the words of Shia Labeouf. JUSTTTT DOO ITTT!!!
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Reviewed by:  from North Carolina. on 11/2/2019

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