BNR Tune 2015-2016 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon 3.6L
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BNR Tune 2015-2016 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon 3.6L
BNR Tune 2015-2016 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon 3.6L

BNR Tune 2015-2016 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon 3.6L

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Power up your 2015+ Colorado/Canyon 3.6 with a BNR Custom Tune!

BNR doesn't offer your standard "canned" tune like most of our competitors. Every single BNR tune is custom made to your specific vehicle, mods, and tastes. We can tune from mild to wild, and everything in between. Different octane levels, tire sizes, transmission firmness, shift points, throttle sensitivity, and more are all 100% customizable with our tuning service. You simply tell us what you want for your tune and we will do it. 

Because our tunes are fully custom, we aren't limited to a single delivery method like most tuning companies are. We can tune you through DiabloSport, HPTuners, and our own branded EFILive handheld. 

What's different for each delivery method?
In compliance with the EPA and the Clean Air Act, BNR does not disable any emissions related monitors or DTCs

DiabloSport handhelds are some of the best in the industry. They are touch screen, fast flashing, and you can adjust your tire size and make other small adjustments on your own using the touchscreen. They're also Apple/Mac friendly, so if you have a Mac or Linux computer and don't want to use Windows, DiabloSport is the perfect choice for you.

EFILive Autocals are a great choice for those that want an in-between of the first two choices. The handheld flashes quickly and easily. You also get access to a complete datalogging and diagnostic software suite made by EFILive. No laptop required to flash, but a Windows computer is required to load tunes to and from the handheld. Not compatible with Apple operating systems or tablets running Windows RT.
5 Stars
Bat Shit Insane
What an awesome tune! changed the shift points and throttle response greatly making the truck way more fun to drive and better for cruzing too. I have an MBRP Cat Back exhaust and it completely changed the sound aswell as the sound of my k&n intake. It got ride of the raspy sound from my intake which was really annoying. Super fun and overall great tune!
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Reviewed by:  from Manitoba. on 7/11/2016
5 Stars
As many of you are aware, these trucks are generally not in the gear you need it to be in when it comes time to press the throttle. I’ve experienced constant up and down shifting when climbing steep switchbacks. (Usually have to either put it in manual mode or in tow mode) I’ve also experienced the truck falling flat on its face coming around a turn around 20-25 mph, I generally have to mash on the throttle to get it to downshift then it wakes up, but it’s usually too late by the time. Other instances include having to quickly step on the throttle to either make a quick turn or get out of the way of an incompetent driver, when doing this, the truck has to sit there and think and just completely bog down before it gets the signal “oh I have to go”. It is really frustrating and has been actually almost dangerous a few times. The solution: BNR Tune via Diablo Intune (I believe they also use EFI Live). I heard about them in a Facebook group and talked to a few people who have had the tune done by them. I was also looking into the Trifecta tune but had seen mixed reviews and just kind of lagging on their promises. I was turned off and wanted someone I could easily talk to. Jerry (Owner) was answering my questions even at 10pm. (1am his time!) He walked me through what I wanted from the tune, was I looking mostly to correct shifting? More power as well? Better MPG? All of the above? He also asked what modifications I had (K&N Intake) and made according adjustments to tailor to my needs. I finally got the tune installed a week ago and was instantly surprised at the driveability. Going around corners is no longer an issue to accelerate out of. The transmission is no longer in the wrong gears when they are needed, yet the shifting is still nice and smooth for a daily driver, but when I jump on the gas the shifts are certainly firm at WOT. While I haven’t noticed an increase in MPG yet, I certainly haven’t noticed a decrease either, but I haven’t been driving so economically as the truck is so fun to drive now! If any of the issues you are having are described above, send Jerry at Bad News Racing a message and he will get you squared away. Thanks Jerry! I will keep updating as I drive my truck more!
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Reviewed by:  from Orange County, CA. on 9/22/2016
5 Stars
+1 Happy Customer
After a month... I have... correction... Jerry has found the sweet spot on this truck. Tranny Stutter - gone Tranny searching - gone Tranny Dead spot delay - gone MPG DIC - matches hand calculation! (for an anal person... this is important) MPG gain - It's higher. but I can't really compare this one. (too many variables) Different truck - CHECK! - It's more like a truck with a little oOOooo. Shift points are better. Not overly aggressive. Engine response is way more linear. There's a very very small acceleration creep on gear 6. So make sure you peak at your speedometer. My wife was at 90mph when she didn't ease off the pedal. Lastly, a radar detector might be needed for this tune. Hope this helps anyone that's on the fence.
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Reviewed by:  from MO. on 9/12/2016
5 Stars
Daily Driver
Flat out fantastic! Not much else to say. The stock transmission tuning on these trucks is seriously flawed. The BNR tune makes it drive like a completely different vehicle. It now drives the way it should. Power and shifting are SO nice! Great team at BNR! Thanks again!!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Marlton, NJ. on 12/14/2016
5 Stars
Jerry at BNR has created a tune that not only unleashes a lot of life for my Colorado its also very fuel efficient. Before I ordered my tuner and custom tune I was getting 16-17 MPG due to my 6" BNR lift and 285/65-18 Trail Grapplers acting as a sail/boat anchor. Once I installed the tune, corrected the Speedo for the tire size, not only did the truck start feeling better than stock again but I am now getting 20-21 MPG avg. Not only is the product great, but as far as customer service for any of the products I have installed on my truck, Jerry and BNR have by far been the most accessible for any questions I have and he reaches out every now and then just to see if I want any adjustment made to my custom tune.
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Reviewed by:  from Sacramento, CA. on 8/20/2016

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