When I first started building this car I had in mind an off the wall "racer" look that had enough scoot to back it up. What starts off as intake, exhaust, tune has quickly went completely to the wild side including the fact it now runs E85. Currently on coilovers I have a set of bags on the way, as well as some ideas for some more aero pieces to finish the race look. Interior is currently completely stock aside from an Ultragauge, but I intend to do plenty to match the wild exterior. Mods I would like to do soon are the BNR manifold spacer, ported manifold, Intercooler piping, and intercooler, motor mounts, sway bar, and BNR valve springs. Along with a couple more touches in the engine bay and then I think I can finally call it done (it's never really done).

Mod List:

  • BNR GTX250
  • BNR Wastegate Actuator
  • BNR/Forge Recirculating BPV
  • BNR 60LB Injectors
  • MPFab CAI
  • RacerX Flex Fuel Kit
  • BNR Tune
  • Straight Piped Exhaust with Vibrant Bottle Muffler
  • Megan Racing Blast Pipes
  • Megan Racing Coilovers
  • 18in ESR Wheels w/ Firestone Indy 500s
  • Custom Aero/Vinyl

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