Joshua Shepherd's 2014 Cruze

Everyone knows the Chevy Cruze isn't a fast or quick car, so the original plan was to have a full blown cosmetic build to compete in shows. I entered into the modifications of this car with an intake and exhaust for something minor but eventually turned to engine bolt ons after blowing the stock turbo. 

The car had a little kick and was fun to drive after upgrading the turbo and getting nice and tuned up by BNR. They say it's better to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow so after cracking a piston ring in early 2022, I weighed out the options of scrapping the car, putting a new stock motor in, or go built internals. 

By this time I was decently modified and was well known and respected with this Cruze build around this area and ultimately decided to be unique and different and go with the built motor and make this thing a competitor for the sub 400hp or so class while still competing in shows like Import Face-off. 


GTX 250 Turbo - ported and polished

BNR Tuned for performance and higher boost 

BNR Valve springs 

BNR intake manifold spacer 

BNR wastegate actuator  

BNR downpipe 

BNR throttle body spacer 

BNR ported intake manifold 

BNR fuel pump control module 

Spectre air intake 

42Lb Bosch green giant fuel injectors 

ZZP Intercooler package 

Diamond Forged pistons 

ARP head studs 

ZZP highflow cat midpipe 

MSD Coil pack 

Trubendz 'catback' straight back 

Godspeed lowering springs 

Mods yet to get or incoming soon: 

BNR LS7 coil pack 

BNR 52LB injectors  

BNR flex fuel kit 


Cruze Culture coil plate cover 

Halo spyder headlights 

Cruze culture carbon fiber side skirts and rear fins 

Cruze culture carbon fiber radiator cover 

Akkon led tail lights  

Kill list: 

Nissan G37 

Camaro V6 gutted and intake

Mazda RX8 with intake + exhaust Unknown mods 

Acura TSX Unknown mods 

Acura TL Almost FBO and E mix 

10th gen civic Unknown mods 

Dodge Challenger V6

Dodge Charger R/T Intake and exhaust 

Toyota MR-2 

Was neck and neck with a 16 GTI 

And plenty more I can't remember.

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