Luke Shockley's Autocross Machine

287,786 Mile Cone slayer

Luke and his 2013 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ 1.4 Turbo are murdering the competition

mod list

BNR 93 Octane Tune 225,786 Miles (7 years) tuned with BNR (Tuned at 62,000 Miles)

Morgan Performance Fabrication Short Ram Air Intake 

Morgan Performance Fabrication Front Mount Intercooler 

BNR Coilover Kit 

ZZP Rear Sway Bar 

Hawk Talon Rotors with Hawk HPS Pads 

Forge BPV  

BNR Wastegate Actuator 

Bridgestone RE71RS (225/45/17 on Sonic LTZ Wheels) 

Hoosier A7's (225/45/17 on Proline Wheels) 

Yokohama Avid Ascend GT (205/50/17 on Drag  DR-33 Dual PCD GLS Black Wheels) 

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 (205/5/17 on Cruze Wheels for the Winter)

Where it all started

I purchased this sonic with 65 test driven miles on October 7th, 2013. It was just my daily driver till 2015 when James Palmer got me into Autocross and that's when the modifications started (At the time it was the air intake and B&G Lowersprings), then the tune came, then the upgraded brakes up front, then the sway bar, the FMIC and then the BPV and Wastegate Actuator. Eventually I decided to build it out to Street Prepared Specifications (as in my opinion and a few others that is where it would perform best) It did have the GMPP Suspension Kit prior to the BNR Coilovers. 

G-Force Junkie

The Sonic has done well over 100 Autocross events with the North Hills Sports Car Club, Steel Cities Chapter of the SCCA, Misery Bay Region of the SCCA, Akron Sports Car Club. Last Summer I did my first National Level event at the Finger Lakes Tire Rack SCCA National Tour in Romulus, New York.

Success did not start till recent years but overall I have finished first in class in 8 events (DSP 1 Win, Street Modified with Street Tires 1 Win, and 5 Wins in FSP) The Sonic got reclassified to FSP in 2021. FSP Stands for F Street Prepared.

We are slated for 10 Local Events with the possibility of 4 additional events with the Misery Bay Region of the SCCA, and if we get into registration Two National Tour Events (Cleveland, Ohio, and Finger Lakes) and hopefully our first Prosolo Event in Cleveland, Ohio

The BNR Tune really woke up the sonic and greatly improved the reliability of it. Jerry and the team have always been amazing and helpful with whatever was needed whether it be fine tuning or chasing down an issue with the car. Not to mention the fun factor increased significantly of the sonic!

Plus I still get great gas mileage even with the tune. I wish I could give you a Power Estimate but I've never had it dyno'd. But by going with the MAF readings I believe around 185 WHP.

The Coilovers also have been a night and day improvement over the previous GMPP Kit (Car barely has any body roll in it now)

Right now we are slated to cross 300,000 Miles sometime during June/July of this year. 

Thanks again for the tune, the coilovers, the part support, and the tune support over the years!

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