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  • Bobby Makara's 2017 Sonic "The Snot Rocket"

    When I first started building this car I had in mind an off the wall "racer" look that had enough scoot to back it up. What starts off as intake, exhaust, tune has quickly went completely to the wild side including the fact it now runs E85.
  • GM LUJ 1.4T Fuel Injector Tech

    lets talk Fueling We all know the stock injectors on the GM 1.4T LUV/LUJ engine are just WAY too small to support anything past a stock turbo pump gas tune, so it's really common for people to upgrade injectors. In this
  • Accessing your Autocal V3 without EFILive Software

    Starting with EFILive firmware 8.3, you can now access your Autocal V3 just like any normal Flash Drive / Thumb Drive.  This eliminates the need for EFILive software on your computer unless you need to update the Autocal's firmware