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  • 300HP Cruze

    300HP Cruze

    What's it take to make a 300+hp cruze? Cameron from AZ found out Why a Cruze? I got the Cruze when I was 16 years old as my first car, I didn't really have much of a choice and kind of got stuck with it. Around
  • BNR Engine Spacer Tech Talk

    BNR Engine Spacer Tech Talk

    Engine Spacers. What do they do? how? do I need one? Clearing the air on engine spacers and how they work! Engine spacers like throttle body, intake manifold, carburetor, and more have been around ever since people started modifying
  • Joshua Shepherd's 2014 Cruze

    Joshua Shepherd's 2014 Cruze

    Everyone knows the Chevy Cruze isn't a fast or quick car, so the original plan was to have a full blown cosmetic build to compete in shows. I entered into the modifications of this car with an intake and exhaust for something minor but