As you know, BNR's Autocal can display parameters in real-time. Many customers with GM 1.4T vehicles have been asking how to set the Autocal to display the data in a user-friendly way, so you can use it as a digital gauge of sorts. 

BNR has listened, and created a custom Autocal configuration that will allow this. 

Before proceeding any further, make sure you're using the current EFILive build, which can always be found here- and that your Autocal is on the latest firmware.

When it finishes downloading, double click on it. EFILive will open. Plug in your Autocal and click PROGRAM QUICK SETUP

Once this has finished, you can go to the car, plug in the Autocal, and to go DISPLAY DATA. You'll see all the new user-friendly parameters there and can scroll through them!

Parameters include:

RPM- Engine RPM
IAT1- Air Temp at the intake
IAT2- Air Temp after the intercooler
BOOST- Actual boost pressure 
DESBOOST- Desired boost pressure, set by the ECM
WSTGATE- Wastegate duty cycle
COOLANT- Engine coolant temp
OILTEMP- Calculated oil temp
BATTVOLT- Battery voltage
KNOCK- Knock retard
ETHANOL%- If equipped with a flex fuel sensor, shows Ethanol %
FUELPRES- Fuel pressure
TORQUE- Calculated wheel torque (this may not be entirely accurate)
SPARKADV- Ignition Timing
LTFT1- Long Term Fuel Trims (useful for detecting boost leaks)


Dominick DiFilippo

Date 10/3/2018


Date 9/5/2019

cant make it work. installed latest firmware. installed bbx file- and once I get to display data. it hangs- nothing displays

Michael McClelland

Date 2/29/2020

try downloading the file and it goes into matrix coding in a separate page. now my auto cal displays "config is empty"

chris cadle

Date 3/22/2020

does not work


Date 4/3/2020

Joseph Dielehner

Date 4/14/2020

Does not work for Gen 2 Chevy Cruze. Jerry please update

quentin morado

Date 6/21/2020

wont let me use link to download please update thank you

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