Starting October 1st 2017, tuning prices for used autocals will be adjusted. Previous pricing did not reflect the autocal/EFILive license fee that is included when purchasing an autocal with a tune from BNR. We will also be reworking some of the pricing structure to be more transparent. At this time NEW tunes are not increasing in price, we are simply correcting an incorrect pricing on used autocal tunes.



Date 9/14/2018

Eddie Monaco

Date 1/13/2021

2013 Cruze 1.4T LT this is what I have done (K&N intake, port intake, MSD coil pack , 42# injector, downpipes, throttle body spacer , 72# valve spring and straight exhaust pipe. I have a turbo exhaust manifold getting done with a T4 flange. and a big turbo maXpeedingrods Hybrid T04E Turbo .63A/R V-band 420+HP, Internal Wastegate. for the summer looking for a tune. Price please.

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