Due to Hurricane Irma, BNR will be closed starting on 09/08/17. At this point we do not know when we will be working again, it all depends on damages, flooding, and disaster response from the state. We're directly in the path of this monster storm- the strongest Atlantic Hurricane ever recorded, and could literally see complete destruction of property. 

There is no chance of losing any tune files, or anything like that, as they are all backed up to a cloud solution off-site. We've been focusing 100% on preparing for the worst at our homes and business, so we are definitely behind on tunes and logs. We're pretty much going to have 24-48 hours of down time as preparations are complete, so we're hoping to bang out a ton of data log tickets during that time.

As of 3pm 9/7 all new orders have been shipped. Orders placed from this time forward will be delayed, again we do not know for how long until the storm is over and damage in the area is assessed. Some products are drop shipped directly from their respective manufacturers, so they may still get out, but shipping products from our office will depend on when carrier services resume operation.

There is a chance that the website will go down and may be down for days/weeks as our hosting provider is located in Miami. We're hoping that they will be failing over their data center to a location on the west coast, but have no control over that. 

We'll try to update as we can. We have seen all the thoughts and well wishes on social media, and they're definitely appreciated.


John Arizaga

Date 9/13/2017

Hope you all are safe and still have shelter. Praying for a good recovery.

Chad White

Date 9/13/2017

Hoping the same. I've been checking here and facebook for an update that everyone's alive and well.

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